International e-mobility workshop – 25-26 May, 2018. Lower A

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International e-mobility workshop – 25-26 May, 2018. Lower Austria

Posted by Vörös Zsuzsa, Thursday, 5th July 2018 @ 2:43 pm

The “International E-Mobility-Workshop” together with the “E-Mobility-Day” took place on 25th and 26th of May 2018 in Lower Austria. The two day networking event focused on the energy reduction potential in the mobility patterns and technology changes of e-mobility. In addition to that participants had the opportunity to test a wide range of e-vehicles at one of Europe’s biggest e-mobility test events.

The first day focused on e-mobility and it took place in the nuclear power plant of Zwentendorf, which never got into operation. In this interesting setting experts from Lower Austria and other European regions explained the characteristics and challenges of the mobility change and showed best practice examples. After the workshop a guided tour through the nuclear power station was organised. Zwentendorf is the only nuclear power plant in the world where persons can safely enter the reactor rooms.


You can find the presentations here: